Some fun stuff before the "fun" Burpees tomorrow! :-)

15 Minutes to find:
1RM Box Jump Height
*You may take an approach for this max, so try to get a little higher than you did last time, especially if the last time you PR'd on Box Jump Height was without an approach.


Strength/Skill Work 15 Minutes:
L Pull-ups/Holds
*Do 4 - 6 sets of 3 - 5 reps, trying to keep your legs straight in front of you, and your feet at or above your hip. If you're doing Holds, try for 10 - 15 seconds per set, for 4 - 6 sets.

Some sweat inducing "Cardio"…

In Teams of 3:
Row 6 Minutes for MAX DISTANCE
*You must switch teammates EVERY 100 Meters. Practice your transitions!!!