Power 15 Minutes:
Clean & Jerk - Work your way up to a heavy single. Use 90% of your best 1RM Push Jerk (not your Split Jerk) as a guideline. When you get to 90% of your best Push Jerk, do 3 reps, resting 60 - 90 seconds between reps.


For Time:
30 Clean & Jerks (155/105)

**10 Minute Cut-off**

*If 155/105 is heavier than 65% of your 1RM Push Jerk, use 65%. Every rep must come from the floor, and end locked out overhead. You MAY Split Jerk during the workout, but you may not use your Split Jerk when determining what weight to use, and may sure your feet come back together at the top of the rep, before bringing the bar back down. Doing Squat Cleans is not required, you may Muscle/Power Clean the bar to the shoulder.


Eldon said...

260# (5# pr)
3:27 rx'd

dani b. said...

6:41 @ 85#

Lisa Dempsey said...

Not a good day to try for a heavier weight...stopped at 75#

6:19 @70#

Emilie Goldsberry said...

135# C&J
4:44 @ 95#