If you have your own Jump Rope, bring it with you today.

Skill 15 Minutes:
Double Unders - This time should be spent focused on proper technique, not volume. Try to work on your rhythm, arm positioning, and body mechanics. Keep your hands where you can see them, and don't let your arms start raising out at your sides. Keep your feet under you, instead of pulling them up behind you, or making a "C" shape (hollow position) with your body.

Then, some fun stuff...

Handstand Walks - Start about 12" - 18" from the wall, and take 1 - 2 steps with your hands. When you are successful at this, move out 12" - 24", and add a couple more steps. If you have trouble getting upside-down, work on kicking up onto the wall, or you can simply just work on Wall Walks to build your shoulders up, and get more confident being upside-down.

Skin The Cats - Work on getting around to where your feet are pointed at the ground again, and pulling yourself back over slowly, under control.


Core Work, Not For Time:
Dragon Flys - Try to accumulate 60 - 90 seconds in this position. We will post a video for this movement. Your goal should be to hold this position, then lower your entire body slowly, but if you have trouble, you can always scale to leg raises, getting as close to an actual Dragon Fly position on the floor, as possible. There is also a scale in the video.

Chinese Planks - Try to accumulate 90 - 120 seconds in this position. Another movement we haven't done before.  Make sure you keep your ribs down, and your butt squeezed for these. Watch the video, and you'll understand. :-)


Anonymous said...

Super fun class!! Kind of walked two steps on my hands, it was pretty ugly but I did it. Hope we can do more things like this!


CrossFit Hydro said...

Night wod...

Heavy double on Full Clean & Push Jerk
135,185, 225, 245, 265, 275 for 1 rep...

Heavy single for front squat

20 burpees (60 sec cap)
Rest 60 secs
20 ctb pull ups (60 sec cap)
Rest 60 secs
21 burpees (60 sec cap)
Rest 60
21 ctb pull ups (60 secs)
Rest 60... Keep adding 1 rep until you cross over the 60 second time cap...

Made it to round of 24 reps each...

Messed with 1 min of DUs... 127 reps