4 sections to this nasty little workout. You will have ONLY the 5 minutes in each section to complete that movement. If you finish early, you will get a bit of rest; if you do not finish, your score is how far you got.

5 minutes to complete: 80 Calorie Row
5 minutes to complete: 40 Toes2Bar
5 minutes to complete: 20 Clean & Jerks (185/135)
5 minutes to complete: 10 Muscle Ups

**Scaling Options**
Toes2Bar - scale to Knees2Armpits, or HangingLegRaises
Clean & Jerks - These should be difficult (155/105) ; (135/95) ; (115/75) 
Muscle Ups - scale to 25 Chest2Bar Pull-ups AND 25 Hand Release Push-ups (use bands, and go to Knee Push-ups, as necessary... again, this should be HARD)


Emilie Goldsberry said...

4:33 row, 4:30 TTB, 14 C&J 115#, 4:52 did about 7 CTB and hands felt like they were going to rip at any second so finished with ring rows instead
Chest burning- boo to cold and a week off. Glad to be back!

Darren said...

Row: 4:10
T2B: 3:55
Clean/Jerk 12 @ 135#
Bar MU's: 5

Lisa Dempsey said...

Row: 65 cal
T2B: 4:00
C/J: 20 @75# 4:02
C2B/ring dips(skinny purple band on dips): 49 reps

I didn't get my chest to the bar every time...mostly it was clavicle to bar.