Thanks to all of you that completed the survey we sent out and we have some great changes/additions coming because of it!

Here's one example that we will try out today...

SKILL/STABILITY: 5-10 minutes 
Sott's Press
(Sets of 3-5 with lighter weights... This movement helps to improve your strength in the bottom of an overhead squat so work absolutely PERFECT positions!)

POWER: 10-15 minutes
1 Hang Snatch + 1 Floor Snatch (Your choice on catch height)
(Work up to 80% of your best 1RM & perform 3 total sets working speed and positions)

STRENGTH: 10-15 minutes
1 Snatch Pull + 2 Snatch Grip Deadlifts 
(Work up to 100-110% of you best Snatch and stay within these weights for all 5 sets)

"Glute WOD" ;)
With a mini band around the ankles and 6 minutes on the clock perform the following:
1. 10 Lateral Walks to the Right
2. 10 Lateral Walks to the Left 
3. 10 Monster Walks (Forward)
4. 10 Monster Walks (Backward)
5. 10 Hip Raise Marches w/ band around knees
* Go through as many rounds as you can in 6 minutes 



CrossFit Hydro said...

Worked on cleans for the first time in a while but it was super slow making sure I don't shift hips to the right (95-135#)

Sumo dl... Just messed with it with mixed results

Shoulder wasn't feeling great so just did a 50 rep sprint...

50 kipping pull ups (1:25)(2:30 clock)
50 push ups (1:43)(2:30 clock)
Ball roll outs - 20 reps in 2:30
Hip ext on ghd - 50 in 2:25

20 calorie row sprints every 1:30 for 4 rounds


Susannah Dunn said...

30# Sotts press...a lot harder than I thought.

83# for working sets on snatch

130# on snatch deadlift pulls