Hip Flexion and External Rotation Work
** Be diligent on these and practice them daily!  They really do make a dramatic difference in your health and performance **

TEAM WORKOUT.... It's a Surprise... Come In and Find Out!
... Had to switch back to an individual workout since we only managed five today... So...
50 Pull Up (Band Assisted or Kipping)
100 Push Ups
150 Sit Ups
200 Air Squats

* Start at any exercise you choose but you must complete all the reps for that given exercise before moving onto any of the others

** There will be a 4 minute running clock at the start of which you will be required to stop what you're doing and perform a 200m run then with the remaining time continue to work towards your rep total

*** 32 Minute Cutoff ***


VanBeek Fitness said...

Scores For The Workout...
1. Eldon - 469 Total Reps (31 Push Ups Short)
2. Roger - 401 Total Reps (99 Sit Ups Short)
3. Carrie - 400 Total Reps (100 Push Ups Short)
4. Dave - 296 Total Reps (4 Push Ups and 200 Squats Short)
5. Carolyn - 406 Total Reps (Scaled to low jumping muscle ups instead of push ups)(94 MU's Short)

GREAT EFFORT EVERYONE! 32 Mins is a long time to work.. And everyone finished a mile worth of running on top of everything!

Anonymous said...

Damm this was hard!! 200 squats ouch!!!should have left the pushups till last, used up to many minutes, next time